Postnatal Yoga

Nurturing Mum and Baby

I hope to provide a safe and nurturing environment for new mums to continue their yoga practice postnatally, aiding recovery and building strength whilst bonding with their babies and creating a community with other mums.

Postnatal yoga focuses on the pelvic floor, building core strength of abdominal muscles and lower back muscles and exercises to open the chest and shoulders to relieve tension associated with feeding and carrying baby.

Classes are relaxed with a playful atmosphere and babies begin to get used to being around other babies. Postures to build babies’ core strength and relieve digestive issues are practiced with sound techniques and baby massage to soothe and calm.  I hope to create an environment for new mums to have quality time to focus on and be with their baby.


Women are welcome to practice Postnatal Yoga after 6 weeks if there were no complications and 12 weeks after a C-section. Always check with your doctor first. 

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