Pregnancy Yoga

Nurture your body, mind and baby.

In my pregnancy classes I hope to encourage a community of mums to support themselves and each other. I encourage women to harness a greater awareness of their bodies and connect to their inner wisdom so they can feel empowered and confident to make appropriate choices for themselves and their babies.


Through breathing exercises, meditations, yoga postures, relaxation, sound and a safe space I hope to support women to connect to their babies in a conscious and joyous way.


The physical practice is geared towards stability, strengthening, and mobility to support the changing body and prepare for labour. Breathing techniques are practiced to bring a calm clear mind, an inner awareness and relaxation. The breath will nourish both mum and baby during pregnancy and techniques can be used during labour.

Having supported many women in their journey to motherhood I am passionate about the benefits of pregnancy yoga. Many women have taken these postures, movements and breathing techniques into their labours and the postnatal period and hugely benefitted from these techniques. I hope to enable women to develop strength, courage and wisdom for pregnancy and a sense of community for mothers-to-be.

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