Posture Of The Week: Utkatasana

October 11, 2015


I love chair pose. It really fires up my legs and core muscles and is a truly energising posture.




1. Start in Tadasana (mountain pose), ground down through the feet whilst lifting up through the crown of the head.


2. Take an inhale and bend the knees leaning forward in the torso and sweep the arms up above the head, perpendicular to the floor.


3. Check that the thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible. Take the pelvis back so that you can see your toes without the knees obstructing view. Keep the thighs parallel to each other and press the heads of the thigh bones down towards the heels.


4. Drop the tailbone down towards the floor and hug the belly inwards keeping the lower back long. Firm the shoulder blades down the back and lift the collar bones towards the sky. Feel the shoulders melt away from the ears.


5. Take the gaze towards the sky on a fixed point.


6. Hold for five deep breaths.


7. To come out of the posture straiten the legs and draw the arms down to the side of the body back to Tadasana (Mountain Pose).




* You can take the feet to hip width apart rather than drawing the legs together.


* If you want to strengthen the thighs place a block between the inner thighs and squeeze as to lower into the pose.


* Stand with the back a few inches away from a wall so that when you take up the posture the tail bone presses against the wall and is supported by it.


Deepen the posture:


* Sit deeper in the posture by bending the knees more.


* Lift the upper chest towards the sky. 


* Join the palms together above the head.

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