Posture Of The Week: Crescent Lunge

November 1, 2015




1) From Ardha Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) step the right leg between the hands. Align the knee with the ankle and opposite the middle toe. Keep the back leg strong.


2) Take an inhale and sweep the arms up above the head as you lift the head and shoulders up. Have the palms facing each other.


3) Soften the shoulders feeling the shoulder blades melting down the rib cage. Drop the tailbone and hug the belly in to avoid over arching the lower back. Lift the chest and gaze between the thumbs towards the sky. Hold the posture for five deep breaths.


4) Take an inhale and on the exhale draw the hands to the mat on either side of the front foot and step back to downward facing dog. Repeat with the left leg forwards.




- Opens the chest area

- Strengthens the thighs

- Relieves Sciatica




- High blood pressure

- Heart problems



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