10 Reasons To Take A Yoga Retreat

March 20, 2016

A yoga retreat can offer many benefits to your wellbeing. I went on my first yoga retreat a few months after qualifying as a teacher. Two weeks before I had just broken up with my boyfriend of seven years, I was not particularly happy with my life situation and was deeply heartbroken to top it off. An opportunity arose to go on a retreat to Cornwall with two amazing teachers. Instead of muddling my way through, wallowing in heart break, I decided that a week of yoga away would give me space to breathe through my situation, gain some perspective and try to heel. I have to say it was the best thing I could have done.


Now my dream is to offer my students the opportunity to take a retreat and experience for themselves all the benefits of a week on a yoga break.


Here are my top 10 reasons to take a yoga retreat:



Broaden your yoga practice


While on retreat I noticed the benefits of taking two yoga classes a day. I had time and space to focus on particular postures I found challenging, it gave me a meditation practice and introduced me to Yin yoga – a style I had never practiced before. Immersing yourself in yoga for a few days can really set you up to continue your yoga journey when you return home and the benefits of a regular practice are vast.



Gain space and clarity from current circumstances


By having that time away in the calm and quiet surroundings of the retreat I was able to gain a bit of space and perspective from my break up and find some fun and light relief too. Even if you’re not going through a big life change or rough patch it can still be beneficial to gain some space from the everyday routine and work out what you want.



Relax and recharge your batteries


A week of yoga, good food and restful free time will leave you feeling fresher, more alive and completely recharged when you return home. I have never felt so good after returning from a holiday and a yoga retreat can really allow that internal mind chatter to melt away.



Make new friends


Spending a week away sharing new experiences with like minded people is a lovely opportunity to make lifelong friends. When I went on my retreat I met some lovely people one of which is now a close friend.



You deserve it


You work hard and modern life doesn’t always afford you time to look after yourself. You definitely deserve time away to look after your wellbeing so that you can come back with more energy and resilience to do all the wonderful things you do each day. When we look after ourselves we are stronger and more able to look after others so take some time out just for you.



Embrace fear


Whether you are new to travelling alone or working on an inversion, a retreat gives you time and opportunity to throw yourself in to something that you may be scared of. I had never travelled alone but the retreat gave me an opportunity to do something and meet new people whilst away rather than just roaming a city/country/new location alone feeling lonely. You often have enough space to embrace alone time but there is also opportunity to hang out with new people if you want to. I also found that I was empowered enough to tackle a handstand which I just used to think was not for me and was too scared to try. By the end of the week I was up in a handstand and felt a huge sense of empowerment for getting it.



Connect with new cultures, nature or beautiful surroundings


Often yoga retreats are in nature settings, foreign countries or beautiful settings. Being surrounded by these things gives us a new sense of perspective and actively boosts our mental health.




Travel alone for self development


Travelling alone puts us out of our comfort zone and allows us to learn and develop. When we try new things we are moving forwards and working on ourselves so get out of your comfort zone and nurture your wellbeing and personal development through travel and yoga.



Digital detox:


Although most resorts have wi-fi you will probably not feel the need to tweet, text, email etc as much as you would when you’re at home. I love turning off my technology and when I do I instantly feel more relaxed and able to switch off.



Eat good food


Retreats serve delicious, healthy food and you don’t have to do any of the cooking or preparation – always a winner!


Going on a retreat was such a transformative experience for me. So much so that now I am running my own Retreat to Bulgaria this year. So if you enjoy a life of health and wellness then you might benefit from a yoga retreat. Contact me if you are interested in Bulgaria and see how you feel when you return.




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